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Ahhhhh Napoleon. Here he sits, looking very ill with his head back and crown falling. On the floor is the french constitution, which he un-popularly amended (and the subject of this political cartoon). 

Napoleon's cousin Cardinal Cambacérès (who was opposed to the amendment) is asked how he finds his "state", (a brilliant play on words, since state in Français it means both condition and, when capitalized, the government). Cambacérès, taking Napoleon's pulse, says it can't last because he has a "very bad constitution" (another play on words).

The use of these two double entendres make it clear that the consultation is about the survival of the Empire, not the Emperor.



Napoléon: Cher cousin, comment trouvez-vous mon état? (Dear cousin, how do you find my condition?)

Cambacérès: Sire, il ne peut pas durer, Votre Majesté a une trop mauvaise constitution! (Sire, it can't last, Your Majesty constitution is too bad.)


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