Counterfeiters: Coin and Securities Digital Download


This witty illustration portrays two situations. On the left, a dirty, dungy scene of counterfeiting money labeled "Low-down and Illegal", and a scene perceivably on Wall Street showing capitalists with papers labeled "Watered Stock" and "Dividends".

The note on the top right hand corner reads: What is the difference morally between making and circulating valueless paper in the guise of money, and making and circulating valueless paper in the form of securities? Both kinds of counterfeits get real money in exchange for fake; only, one kind gets a few hundreds of dollars, perhaps, and then goes to jail, while the other gets millions, maybe, and says: "Don't! You'll destroy confidence," to anybody who ventures to criticize.

Publication date: 1910
Image size: 42 MB
Pixel size: 7385 × 4951
Size in inches: 18.46"x12.37"
File type: TIFF, JPG, PDF

This print was lovingly digitally enhanced and remastered.


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