American Civil War Portraits & Map: Western Border States Digital Download


This gorgeous map has portraits of Generals Wool, Dix, Scott, Fremont, Lyon, McClellan, Banks, Blenker, Butler, McDowell, Rosecrans , Sprague, Burnside, and Sigel, Colonel Corcoran, and Commodore Stringham in the top half. 

Below is a map of Missouri, Tennessee, and parts of Nebraska, Kansas, Indian Territory, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, showing cities and towns, rivers, and railroads. Some important or strategic places are underlined in red or indicated by red dots.

Publication date: 1861 
Image size:  18.5 MB
Pixel size: 8,487 x 11,337
Size in inches: 118" x 157.5"
File type: JPG

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